Congratulations, you have now completed one term at Crossroads Middle School.

1. Thinking of Math specifically, what do you need to do to make sure you do better this term than last term?

2. What else can I do to help you be more successful in math class?

My thoughts, many of you struggle in math and many other kids who aren't in this class struggle in math and don't get this opportunity. I think some of you need to put more effort toward working during this hour, in your math class and at home. When you struggle in a subject area, that is when you need to work harder at it. I am going to come up with homework packets for you to work on this term and I also want you to start going to IXL and practicing math work when you can. The more you practice the better you get. Put forth more effort and will see more success! You can do it:)!!!

Now go to and work on 6th grade Number Theory N.1-N.9 or Exponents and Square Roots E.1, E. 2, E. 3: these are all bits of information that you are working on right now in Math.